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5 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose a Kitchen Desk Space

A trend of the past, the kitchen desk space has worn out its appeal. Not quite big enough to call a home office and too small to do much with, it can be difficult to decide how to use the space. If you have a desk space in your kitchen, here are five ideas on how to use it more efficiently.

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Create a Coffee Bar

Originally, this desk space served as a place to dump off mail, unfinished art projects and piles of miscellany—a bit like a wide open junk drawer. So, Katie and Jeremy (aka Bower Power) decided to use that wasted desk surface for something better. A coffee bar! Try these 12 handy DIY mug tree and display ideas for storing your coffee cups.

Follow these tips for organizing open kitchen shelves.

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Use it as a Bar

Back in the ’70s, built-in bars in homes were quite popular. They were often in the basement or “rec room” because that’s where there was some extra space. Now that a kitchen desk no longer seems like a good use of space to many people, some are converting theirs into a designated wine and spirits area.

Here’s some great advice, and reader-built photos, for anyone thinking about building a home bar.

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Create a Wine Station

If you’re a serious wine lover, why not repurpose that wasted kitchen desk space as a mini wine cellar. Consider adding a wine fridge and cupboards or shelves for storage. The countertop is the perfect place for a stylish wine rack. You need to see these 10 stunning wine cellars.

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Small Appliance Niche

We all love out instant pot, air fryer, waffle maker, coffee grinder, food processor and stand mixer, but there’s no denying that they take up a lot of space! Turn that unused kitchen desk space as a roost for all of you beloved kitchen accessories. If your deck has cabinets above and/or drawers, store small appliances there or use the desk surface itself. If you don’t like the idea of having them sit out without a cover, there are many clear and fabric covers available for all sorts of small appliances.

Buy a clear cover now on Amazon.

Buy a fabric cover now on Amazon.

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Make it a Cookbook Library

Consider using the desk space as a small kitchen library. Use shelves above to store cookbooks, as seen here from Tomco Company Inc. If your current kitchen desk space doesn’t have drawers underneath, install some for extra storage space. This is the easiest hack for an eye-level cookbook.

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