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Weird Smart Home Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

As smart homes become more and more of a trend, an increasing number of strange smart gadgets are popping up on the market. Check out some of the weirdest ones here.

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Sing in the Shower With This Smart Home Gadget

Most people like to sing in the shower, but this smart home gadget takes things up a notch. The Kohler Moxie shower head has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that you can link to your phone and stream tunes while taking a shower. The speaker can be removed so that you can recharge it without taking off the entire shower head.

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Smart Pet Food Dispenser

This PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder will keep your pets from feeling hunger pangs even on days when you forget to fill the dish before leaving the house. The dry food dispenser connects to your smartphone so you can fill the bowl at anytime from any location, and can be set up to regularly dole out up to 12 meals a day. It even has a “Slow Feed” option that dispenses food gradually for fifteen minutes so your pets don’t eat too fast.

Here are more high-tech gadgets you and your pet will love.

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Smart Mailbox

Adding smart technology to a mailbox might seem a little over the top. But the Danby Parcel Guard’s WiFi connection, tamper alarm and live-stream camera will go a long way towards keeping packages secure and out of the hands of potential package thieves. This smart mailbox is made from durable, weather-resistant plastic, and can be bolted to the ground or weighed down for extra security.

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Smart Piggy Bank

This piggy bank syncs with your smartphone to monitor your penny-pinching savings. Every coin deposited into the pig’s belly registers through an app, so you can track the balance and set savings goals. This is a great way for your tech-obsessed kids to learn about things like saving money and financial responsibility.

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Smart Sleep Sensor

Lots of factors affect how well you sleep at night. Maybe you’re still using an old mattress that needs an upgrade. Maybe the air quality in your bedroom is poor. The Withings Sleep Tracking pad uses multiple sensors to monitor how you sleep at night, tracking sleep cycles, heart rate, breathing disturbances and more. Then when you wake up, the pad sends all that information to your phone in the form of a daily Sleep Score.

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Smart Diaper Monitor

The Opro0 Wearable Humidity Sensor for baby diapers helps prevent diaper rash. It notes when a baby pees, then sends an alert to paired smartphones when the diaper needs changing. It also records when and how frequently an infant urinates and defecates, which can be helpful when it comes time to toilet train. Don’t worry, there’s a version for adult diapers too.

Speaking of diapers… here are some things you should never flush down a toilet.

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Smart Alarm Clock Rug

If you’re the kind of person who hits the snooze button too many times every morning, you need to check out the Ruggie Alarm Clock. The alarm only turns off when you stand on it at least three seconds, forcing you to climb out from under the covers. If you still need more motivation to get out of bed, you can even set up the rug to wake you with the song or inspiring speech of your choice.

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Smart Air Monitor

Keep a closer eye on the particles floating around in the air in your home with this smart air monitor. This device’s sensors analyze air quality and sends the information to your phone, giving you insight into the kinds of airborne compounds that might be impacting the health of the people in your home.

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Smart Precision Cooker

Since their invention, sous vide precision cookers have made it possible to cook restaurant-quality food in your home with the skill of a professional chef. Since then, the technology has gotten smarter. Anova’s sous vide cooker comes with smart device control functionality so you can control it remotely and be notified when your food is done. Check out these kitchen gadgets that do everything.

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Smart LED Lights

There are a lot of options for smart lights in your home, but these are some of the most unconventional that we’ve seen. They can be mixed and matched into a variety of shapes, and the color of the lights can be changed via voice control or through an app. Mount them on your wall or set them up on a desk to add ambiance to any room.

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robot mop cleaning hardwood floors irobotvia

Smart Robot Mop

You’ve probably heard of robot vacuum cleaners by now. But what about robot mops? The iRobot Braava jet M6 is a WiFi connected robot mop that cleans floors while actively mapping and adapting to your home. It can even be controlled hands-free through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

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tile key finder ring locatervia

Smart Key/Wallet Finder

Ever wish you could call your keys or your wallet the same way you call your phone to find it? Tile Pro makes that possible. The little Tile slips onto key rings or into the pocket of your wallet. Then if/when you misplace your wallet or keys, you can use your phone to call the tile, helping locate your missing items.

Are you always losing things around the house? You need to see these organization hacks.

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