Learn how to maintain and keep your outdoor pond clean and full of life all year round with these helpful tips and techniques.

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    10 Common Things a Homeowner Can Be Fined For

    Here's a look at things that can lead to sometimes hefty fines, depending on local laws and covenants, along with ways to avoid them.

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    How to Bury Underground Cable

    We break down four options for underground wiring. Here's what you need to know.

    How to Install Outdoor Lighting and Outlet

    Underground wiring puts light and power anywhere in the yard. We'll show you how you can do it easily and...

    How to Build a Low-Maintenance Pond

    A little more building work means a LOT less maintenance and repair.

    Outdoor Pond Ideas: Above-Ground Pond

    This above-ground pond brings the subtly beauty of water in your backyard without the shovel work

    How to Build a Bamboo Water Feature

    Here's a water garden that's different! Bamboo is used for a water spout and sluices, ending up in a small...

    How to Build a Pond and Waterfall in the Backyard

    Spend more time enjoying a backyard pond and less time maintaining it.

    Build a Backyard Waterfall and Stream

    This cascading stream flows into a gravel bed, not a pond, so it stays clean with little maintenance.

    How to Build a Water Garden With Waterfall

    Put a little piece of paradise right in your own backyard. We'll show you how to build a pond waterfall...

    Build a Backyard Waterfall in One Weekend

    Transform your backyard with a small pond.

    Pond, Fountain and Waterfall Projects You Can DIY

    An attractive, low-maintenance water feature makes any yard more inviting. In this collection of DIY ponds, fountains and waterfalls, there's...

    Fish For Leaves in Your Pond

    Fish out leaves in pools and ponds without any trouble

    Reader Project: Backyard Pond

    Using tips from The Family Handyman’s Backyard Pond project, reader Janice Ferguson and her husband revamped their pond to include...

    One-Day DIY Patio Garden Pond

    If you can build a box, you can do it!

    Fountain: How to Build a Concrete Fountain

    Carving stone requires years of training, extraordinary skill and endless patience—or you can cheat and use power tools.

    How to Build a Pond & Fountain in One Day

    Add life to your backyard with this affordable fountain

    How to Build a Water Garden Stream

    How to build a pond and waterfall using preformed shells.

    How to Build a Garden Pond and Deck

    Plans for a rectangular reflecting pond with ground-level boardwalk.