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Keep pests out of your home with DIY tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

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    Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Strategies and Techniques

    When it comes to pests, keeping them out of the house can make for a safe and comforting home. Take manners into your own hands with these do it yourself pest control techniques.

    The Most Insane Pest Control Ideas

    Some of these wacky pest control ideas may not work for you, but others swear by them. If you have...

    10 Bee Friendly Plants to Have in Your Yard

    Even if you aren't a beekeeper, there are still plenty of reasons to encourage bees to inhabit your garden or...

    How to Prevent a Bat Problem

    Knowing how to prevent a bat infestation is pretty simple, just follow these tips!

    How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Attic

    Because they can cause structural damage, among other things, it's important to learn how to get rid of bats.

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    8 Best Insect Nets for Your Deck and Patio

    Enjoy backyard barbecues, pool parties and dinners on the deck this summer. Here are our picks for the best insect...

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    How to Get Rid of Indoor Plant Bugs

    Learn how to eliminate and prevent bugs on indoor plants, including aphids, mites, mealy bugs, scale, fungus gnats and more.

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    8 Best Cockroach Repellents

    The cringe-worthy cockroach. Learn what products and methods are best for repelling these loathsome intruders from your home.

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    19 Interesting Facts About Spiders

    Discover the truth — and a few debunked myths — about the octo-legged, cobweb-spinning, lurking arachnid: The spider.

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    How to Identify Different Types of Rodents in Your Home and Yard

    Identifying what type of rodent has taken up residence in your home or yard is the first step towards evicting...

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    Homeowner’s Guide To Pest Repellers

    How do you choose a pest repeller? We'll cover seven of the most common types, and talk about how to...

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    12 Interesting Facts About Rodents

    From country mice to pet hamsters to urban rats, we've uncovered some surprising facts about the fascinating world of rodents.

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    How to Identify Types of Ants

    From the ordinary to the bizarre, here's how to identify different types of ants you're likely to encounter in and...

    12 Best Ways to Kill Ants in Your Home and Yard

    There are many ways to kill ants in and around your home and yard. Check out this rundown of the...

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    15 Sneaky Signs Your Home’s About to Be Infested

    Just because you don't see the bugs marching into your house doesn't mean they're not coming. Here's what to watch...

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    A Surprising Hack to Keep Mice Away For Good

    Mousetraps aren't the only tactic for keeping mice away. This simple, natural remedy will help keep those furry little creatures...

    Gear Up for Halloween With Our Top 15 Halloween Decorations on Amazon

    From talking spiders outside your front door to festive home decor, this collection of Halloween decorations is full of fun...

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    The Most Annoying Fall Pests and How to Manage Them

    Fall is the season where bugs and other pests start seeking warmer areas to settle. That makes your home a...

    24 Ways to Organize Your Garage for Fall

    Make sure you have enough room in your garage for all of the important stuff (including a car or two)...

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    5 Ways to Make Sure You Never Have Fruit Flies Again

    Make sure you never have fruit flies.

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    When Is the Best Time to Spray a Wasp Nest?

    Most of the time wasps are a harmless part of summer, but when they decide to make your home their...

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    This is Where Bugs Hide in Each Area of Your Home

    Bugs everywhere? To get rid of bugs, first you have to find them. Use this guide to flush them out...

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    What to Do When a Wasp Stings You

    If you spend time outside, you’ll likely encounter wasps. In the event that you get stung, this is what you...

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    The Best Way to Treat Every Type of Bug Bite

    Bug bites seem to pack a whole lot of pain and itchiness for such a tiny little injury. Prep for...

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    5 Ways to Treat a Bee Sting

    Bees pollinate our favorite flowers and provide us with delicious honey. But there is a cost. When your outdoor fun...