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Everything you need to know about what’s going on in the construction industry.

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    History of Women in Construction

    Whether digging trenches or designing skyscrapers, women throughout history have left their professional mark on the construction industry.

    Electrical Questions Answered By An Electrical Inspector

    Everything you wanted to know about breaker panels and more. A veteran electrical inspector answers your questions.

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    Home Improvement Spending Expected to Surge

    A recent Harvard study brings good news for contractors: Business will be booming again in 2021. Here's why.

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    Which Home Improvement Projects Are Most Popular in 2021?

    Good news, contractors: Home improvement spending is expected to rise in 2021, and the majority of home owners are planning...

    Millennials, Unlike Their Parents, Are Looking at Home Buying Differently

    Millennials aren't following the typical "starter home" route their parents did, impacting the high-end housing market.

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    9 Things Carpenters ALWAYS Do Working On Their Homes

    Ever wonder what practices, principles, tools and materials pro carpenters can't live without? Discover nine of them so you can...

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    Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1986: New Building Techniques for Remodelers

    To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, we're sharing some of our favorite articles from the past. Check out these home-building...

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    Vintage Family Handyman from 1983: Housing Shapes To Come

    What types of housing were available in 1983? In honor of our 70th anniversary, Family Handyman looked at some old...

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    Deals We Love: Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo

    Some of the biggest names in power tools partnered with The Home Depot for a month of savings.

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    Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects and Tips From the ’60s

    Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

    8 Most Popular Home Design Styles

    Whether you're an architecture lover or are saving up for your dream home, check out these homes that reflect are...

    Why Houses are So Expensive to Build

    Find out what's driving housing prices up and why so many people struggle to find affordable housing options.

    It’s Construction Safety Week. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    This week's safety initiatives provide access to training resources and educational materials for employers and employees. Learn more here.

    Home Builders Association Meets With National Economic Council Over Lumber Prices

    High lumber prices are stifling the construction industry. Will the federal government step in to help?

    5 Toughest Laptops for Construction Pros

    The laptops on this list are a far cry from most ultra-light, ultra-thin modern machines ... and that's a good...

    Werner Hosting Free Virtual Safety Trainings for Construction Workers

    Educational videos and certification are being offered for free as part of a national safety initiative.

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    Bosch’s New Thermal Camera a ‘Staple for Any Toolbox’

    The camera gives DIYers and pros an easy way to accurately measure, visualize and analyze thermal variance on almost any...

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    Nonprofit Helps Girls Build the World They Want to See

    Girls Garage is the manifestation of Emily Pilloton's mission to 'inspire a community of fearless builder girls everywhere.'

    Construction Employment Falls in 26 States from June to July

    COVID-19 continues to slow the construction industry, limiting sustained growth.

    Home Builder Confidence in Housing Market Hits All-Time High

    Home builders are getting increasingly optimistic about the housing market following months of historic demand.

    Study: COVID-19 Protocols Hamper Productivity

    The study dives into exactly how coronavirus mitigation is impacting productivity and takes a look at some potential long-term effects.

    July Housing Surges for Third Month in a Row

    The housing industry is getting back to work following hard times earlier in the year. But will it last?

    Construction Employment Gains Buoyed by Residential Growth

    Construction job growth slowed dramatically in July.

    Construction Spending Declines for Fourth Consecutive Month

    Despite growth in some areas, June was another sluggish month for the construction industry as a whole.

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    June Sees Highest Levels of New Home Sales Since Great Recession

    New homes are being purchased at the highest levels in years. Can home builders keep up with the demand?

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    14 Things Home Depot Employees Won’t Tell You

    The Home Depot offers a wealth of materials, resources and a customer-friendly return policy. But there are a few secrets...

    Construction Employment Rise May Not Last, Warns Contractors Association

    Government data shows construction jobs are on the rise across the country, but there's a chance that growth has already...

    Construction Spending Shrinks for Third Consecutive Month

    How can the construction industry rebound following a rough start to 2020? Learn more here.

    OSHA Issues New Coronavirus Guidelines for Construction Workers

    Can construction workers safely resume work while risking exposure to COVID-19? OSHA has some ideas.

    Will Skilled Labor Be in Worse Shape in 2 Years? Here’s What Pros Think

    Construction professionals answered a survey to give their thoughts on the future of skilled labor in the industry. Here are...