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Build a Cozy Bird Cabin

Updated: Dec. 14, 2021

Birds flock to this easy-to-build woodsy feeder!

cozy cabin bird feeder
This cozy cabin bird feeder blends in with it's surroundings but not so much so that the birds won't flock to it! They'll love perching on this inviting cabin.

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Build a Cozy Bird Cabin

Pretend you’re a chickadee or a white-breasted nuthatch (or even a humble house sparrow), flapping your little wings through the trees in search of food. Which is more appealing: a hurried bite at one of those bland industrial plastic tubes, or a relaxed meal with friends at an inviting thatch-roofed cabin?

Here’s How to Build This Charming Bird Feeder:

cozy cabin bird feeder

1. Build the Base Structure

Cut the sides of the feeder from a 2×4 and the roof, top brace and feeder tray from a 1×6. Attach with 2-1/2-in. rust-resistant screws and exterior glue. Don’t attach the roof to the sides—it slides up hanger wire so seeds can be poured into the bin from the top.

cozy cabin bird feeder

2. Attach the Branch Trim

Rip a 1-1/2- to 2-1/2-in. branch in half with a jigsaw, miter the ends, then attach to the roof edges with 2-1/2-in. screws. Pre-drill all screw holes, and don’t worry if the cuts are rough and uneven—they’re supposed to be.

2a. Attach Branches as Trim

The branches should be more or less flush with the bottom edge of the roof boards.

cozy cabin bird house thatch roof

3. Gather and Arrange the Thatch Roof

Tape the thatch from brooms to hold it together, then cut it 7-1/2 inches long with a sharp knife.

cozy cabin bird feed house thatch roof

3a. Attach Twigs to Roof

Arrange the thatch on the roof and nail two green twigs to each side to hold it in place. The feeder makes a convenient brace. Trim ragged edges with scissors after the thatch is nailed down.

cozy cabin bird feeder

4. Attach the Acrylic Sheet and Finish

Drill three screw holes slightly bigger (5/32 in. or more) than the screw size through each side of the acrylic. Attach each piece of acrylic with six pan-head screws, but don’t over tighten, or it might crack. Leave a 1/2-in. gap at the bottom for the bird feed to flow out. Screw or nail on half branches around the perimeter of the feeder tray to keep the feed in place. Finally, drill a hole at the center of the roof and the top brace, and slip wire or rope through for the hanger.

cozy cabin bird feeder

Project PDFs:

Click the links below to download the cutting list, shopping list as well as the construction drawings for this project.

Figure A

Cutting List

Shopping List