Circular Saw Guide

Updated: Jul. 23, 2018

Use this guide to make smooth, straight crosscuts

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Cut boards faster, easier and more accurately with this cutting guide. It works for both square cuts and angle cuts and helps you find the angle you need.

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An hour or less
Less than $20

How to use this saw glide

Photo 1: The saw glide in action

Hold the tool firmly on the board and slide your saw along the glide path.

Photo 2: The saw glide at an angle

Insert a nail to hold the glide at the desired roof slope (or other angle). Then make the cut.

Making straight, smooth and accurate crosscuts and angles on framing lumber is a breeze with the new Saw Glide from Stanley. To make crosscuts, you hold the lip against the far side of the lumber and make the cut with the circular saw table riding on the slippery plastic surface of the saw guide. But the feature you’ll love most is the built-in system for cutting the roof slope angles on the ends of rafters (Photo 2). You drop a nail into the appropriate hole and the nail sets the cut at the correct roof pitch, say 7/12, automatically. It even has holes drilled for the correct angles for valley and hip rafters.

Required Tools for this Project

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