How to Build a Hose Reel Hideaway

Updated: Sep. 28, 2021

A home for you watering equipment

hose reel hideaway
This latticework structure was designed as a hideout for clunky plastic hose reels—but it can turn into a fun shady hideout for kids and pets as well. In a few years, the lattice will be covered with a dense mound of vines, and you’ll be the only person who knows there’s a hose hiding underneath.

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Latticework Hose Reel Hideaway

The construction of this hose reel hideaway is straightforward. To keep the wood from splitting, pre-drill all the holes with a countersink drill bit, then drive in rust-resistant deck screws. Or use a pneumatic brad nailer or narrow crown stapler. Follow the step-by-step photos in the project directions below to build your own. Also, be sure to check out these 101 Saturday morning projects to do once you are finished building this hose reel hideaway.

Project Directions:

roof lattice hose reel hideaway

1. Build Roof Lattice

Build the roof lattice on a jig, which is simply three 1x4s screwed to a square corner of your work surface. Clamp the rafters (C) to the jig, then predrill and screw the slats (F) to the rafters, using spacers (R) to keep the slats parallel. A drop of polyurethane glue at each joint makes the structure rigid. Repeat for the other roof section.

Assemble hose hideaway hose

2. Assemble Walls

Assemble the walls by screwing the 2×4 base plates (A) to the bottom of each wall stud (D), leaving a 3/4-in. reveal on each end (see Figure A, p. 13). Reinforce the joint by cutting 2×2 base fillers (E) to fit between the studs, and then gluing and screwing them in place.

hose hideaway walls

3. Attach Walls and Roof

Attach the walls to the roof. Begin by attaching the 2×2 ridge (B) to one roof section. Clamp the sides upright on the worktable 36 in. apart, then set the roof sections in place. Pre-drill and screw the sides to the roof assembly, letting the roof hang over the walls by 4 in., as shown. Finally, join the roof pieces with screws through the ridge.

hose-reel hideaway

4. Add Braces

Reinforce the structure by first attaching the horizontal cross tie (G), then cut and install the short rafter ties (H) just below the ridge (see Figure A, p. 13). Next, hold each rafter brace (J) in place, mark the 45-degree cut on the one end and secure them in place. Use a dab of glue and one screw to secure both ends of each brace.

hose reel roof

5. Finish Up Roof Slats

Screw the last two roof slats (F) to the 2×2 ridge. Attach the lattice pieces (K, L and M) perpendicular to the roof and wall slats with 1-1/4-in. screws. Use 2-1/2-in.-long screws at the top to secure the lattice, roof slat and 2×2 ridge together.

back hose reel

6. Attach Back of Hose Reel Hideaway

Mark the center of the back cross tie and rafter tie, and then attach the vertical brace (N). Hold the diagonal braces (P) in place, then mark, cut and secure them to the walls, roof and one another as shown. Apply an exterior stain if desired.

hose reel hideaway

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Project PDF’s:

Click the link below to download Figure A, cutting list and shopping list for this  project.

Figure A, cutting list and shopping list