How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Coat Rack

This classy coat rack will have guests begging to hang up their jackets. It was part of a larger entryway makeover project with a Mid-Century Modern shelf and storage bench.

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Welcome family and friends to your home with a beautiful, hand-made coat rack.

Tools Required

  • Band saw
  • Basic carpentry tools
  • Cordless drill
  • palm sander

Materials Required

  • 3" wood screws
  • 4/4 cherry
  • Black paint
  • Hide glue
  • Wipe-on polyurethane

The Coat Rack:

Overall dimensions: 12-in. wide x 72-in. high.

coatrack technical drawing with pieces labeledFamily Handyman

Project step-by-step (4)

Step 1

Cut The Center Block

  • This three-legged coat rack presents a unique challenge during assembly because there’s no good way to use a clamp. A combination of glue and screws will suffice.
  • I glued the three legs together around an inner triangle of wood. Cut this triangular block on the table saw with the blade set to 30 degrees.
  • Each face should be the same thickness as the legs.

Cutting the Center BlockFamily Handyman

Step 2

Glue the Legs Together

  • When I can’t use clamps, I rely on a trick called a rub joint. It’s rubbing two pieces of wood together until the glue becomes tacky. Hide glue works well for this because it dries fast.
  • Glue the center block to one leg first, and let it dry. Glue the other legs onto the center block one at a time, allowing the glue to dry before gluing the next leg.
    • Pro tip: Use tape to keep things from shifting around while the glue dries.

Assembling the Coatrack LegsFamily Handyman

Step 3

Make The Hat Hooks

  • The hat hooks will need a double bevel on the inside edge to fit between the legs of the coat rack.
  • You’ll need to make two passes on the table saw with the blade set to 30 degrees.
  • Once the parts are cut out, predrill for the assembly screw with a 1/8-in. countersink bit.

Tracing Hat Hook PartsFamily Handyman

Step 4

Predrill For Final Assembly

  • Using thick CA glue, attach the hat hooks onto the legs, staggering each one a few inches.
  • Let the glue set up for 10 minutes, then drill pilot holes and countersink for 3-in. screws.
  • The 3-in. screws will connect the hat hooks, the center block and the opposing leg. This will give this coat rack strength for the heaviest of winter jackets.

Predrilling Hat Hook for AssemblyFamily Handyman