How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

Important annual gas fireplace maintenance.


An hour or less






Every year you light up the gas fireplace and wonder, what's that awful smell? It's dirt, dust and bugs burning off the logs. To avoid that this year, follow these easy steps to keep your fireplace burning cleanly and efficiently.

Tools Required

  • Large bowl or bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • Shop vacuum

Materials Required

  • Can of compressed air
  • Glass cleaner

Project step-by-step (12)

Step 1

Inspecting the Gas Fireplace

  • Check that the logs are intact and free of dust and debris.
  • Check that the glass is not cracked or loose.
  • Inspect the chimney and exhaust vent for loose bricks or blockages within the vent.
  • Start it up and check that the ignitor and burner are working properly.

Step 2

Access Fireplace Controls

  • Remove the front screen or open the bottom grate of the fireplace.
  • Remove the top grate of the fireplace (if applicable).
    • Note: Some of these grates are held on with magnets — simply lift up and pull out.