How to Install a Glass Shower Surround

Glass shower surrounds are trendy and practical. Learn how to install one here.

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Glass shower surrounds are trendy and practical. Learn how to install one here.

Tools Required

  • 4 ft. level
  • Caulk gun
  • Drill/driver
  • Tile and glass drill bit

Materials Required

  • Glass shower door and wall panels
  • Kit hardware
  • Silicone caulk

Besides being on-trend, a clear glass shower surround makes a small bathroom feel less cramped. And the sliding glass door never gets in the way. These installation steps fit our Delta frameless shower enclosure. Although installation varies depending on the make and model of your panels and door, the basic steps likely carry over.

Project step-by-step (6)

Step 1

Attach the First Panel

Our Delta Shower Enclosure kit uses a two-piece system; it has a Corner Shower Glass Panel, and the Frameless Sliding Shower Door. Each panel has a wall jamb, and a glass panel with a gasketed metal flange that slides over the wall jamb. These panels pair with the Delta Corner Shower Base we chose.

Using a level, mark a plumb line for the jamb and attach it with screws. To drill through tile, you’ll need a special drill bit made for glass and tile. Be sure you’re hitting a stud. Slip the glass wall panel onto the wall jamb.

Pro tip: Hold the jamb in place on the plumb line using tape while you're attaching it to the wall.

Installing a shower panel

Step 2

Attach the Second Panel

Use a level or straightedge off the face of the first panel to position the second jamb. Attach the jamb as in Step 1 and then install the glass panel.

Pro tip: Be careful not to slide the glass panels on your shower pan, because they can leave permanent scratches.

Installing a shower panel

Step 3

Attach the Track Hardware

Fasten the track and spacers to the glass wall panels, then attach the rollers to the door. Don’t fully tighten the screws yet; you'll need to level the track. Once the track is level, tighten the hardware.

Installing a shower door

Step 4

Secure the Panel Bases

Fasten the door guide and lower base mount hardware to the bottoms of the panels. Attach the threshold bar and gasket to the shower pan, trimming the gasket as needed.

Adjusting a shower door

Step 5

Hang the Door

Attach the rollers to the door. Hang the shower door on the track, then install the roller retainers, door gaskets and door handle. From inside the shower, drill holes through the glass panel flanges and wall jambs and drive in the retaining screws.

Installing a shower door

Step 6

Caulk the Installation

Caulk the jambs where they meet the walls, and all the hardware and glass where it meets the shower pan.