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Rolling Crate Storage Shelf

Updated: Mar. 13, 2018

Build this simple rolling cart in less than an hour and add tons of storage space to your entryway!

This project by Crates & Pallet makes use of three crates, a couple of boards and four casters. The mobile storage unit is perfect for stashing shoes, purses, backpacks and more where it's most convenient for you.

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  • (2) Medium Crates
  • Extra Large Crate
  • Extra Large Crate
  • (2) 10” x 25“ x 3/4” boards
  • (4) Eye hooks
  • (4) Casters
  • 1 1/4” brad nails

How to Instructions

Project by Crates & Pallet

rolling shelf with crates step 1Illustration: Courtesy of Crates & Pallet

1. Arrange medium crate next to extra-large crate as shown.

crates and pallet rolling shelfIllustration: Courtesy of Crates & Pallet

2. Place second medium crate on top of first and secure them together using brad nails.

crates and pallet purse shelf with castersIllustration: Courtesy of Crates & Pallet

3. Attach boards to the top and bottom of the assembly using brad nails. The pre-drill 1/8-in. holes evenly spaced into the top inside face of the extra-large crate. Screw in eye hooks. Finally, attach casters to the base, one at each corner of the bottom board.

rolling-shelf-finishedPhoto: Courtesy of Crates & Pallet