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Simple Tablet Stand

Updated: Jun. 14, 2019

Following online recipes is easier with a tablet stand. Make this one for less than $10 in materials and only a couple of everyday power tools.

simple tablet stand DIY tablet standFamily Handyman
Today’s home cooks frequently use online resources for recipes (perhaps even more than traditional cookbooks), making tablets a go-to tool in the kitchen. Follow the plans below to build this super-simple DIY tablet stand in minutes!

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Simple Wooden Tablet Tools & Materials

  • 1×8 oak board
  • 5/8-in. oak dowel
  • Wood glue
  • Drill
  • 3/4-in. spade bit
  • 5/8-in. Forstner bit

Simple Wooden Tablet Stand: Cut the Parts

tablet stand cut parts

Measure, mark and cut a 15-in. piece and 2-in. piece from the 1×8 board. We used a circular saw, but a miter saw will also work.

tablet stand mark dowels

tablet stand cut dowels

Cut two 9-in. pieces from the 5/8-in. dowel.

Simple Wooden Tablet Stand: Drill the Holes

tablet stand drill holes

tablet stand spad bit

tablet stand spade bit close up

Use a 3/4-in. spade bit to drill two holes 4 in. from the bottom of the 15-in. board and 1-1/4 in. from the sides. The 5/8-in. dowels should slide through the holes easily.

tablet stand forstner bit

tablet stand forstner bit drilling up close

Use a 5/8-in. Forstner bit to drill two partial holes 1-1/4 in. from the sides and centered from the top and bottom of the 2-in. board. Do not drill all the way through the board. The 5/8-in. dowels should fit snuggly in these depressions.

Simple Wooden Tablet Stand: Assemble the Stand

tablet stand gluing dowels

tablet stand inserting dowels

Add a drop of wood glue inside the depressions in the 2-in. board and insert the 9-in. dowels. Allow the glue to dry. Lightly sand any rough edges and your tablet stand is complete!

When you’re ready to use the stand, insert the dowel assembly into the holes in the 15 in. board, leaving space to place your tablet between the 2-in. board and the 15-in. board. Then pull up your favorite recipes!

Bonus: When not in use, this two-piece tablet stand can be disassembled and stored in a cabinet or drawer.