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    Pro Tips for Interior Painting with a Sprayer

    Interior painting with a sprayer isn't all that difficult. With modern spray equipment and proper prep, a DIYer can do a great job and save money.

    8 Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas To Transform Your Home

    Give your dated brick home a makeover with these go-to ideas from an expert.

    8 Best Ways To Remove Spray Paint

    You don't necessarily have to repaint. Try these pro-approved methods first.

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    Your Guide To Painted Wood Waterproofing

    Exterior-grade paints are already waterproof. But if you go with interior paint outdoors, you'll need to waterproof it if you...

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    How To Spray Paint Safely

    Spray painting is fun and effective, but it releases toxic, flammable fumes into the air. A respirator for paint can...

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    Can You Paint on Metal with Acrylic?

    Elevate your next home project with acrylic paint on metal. Learn expert tips for durable, long-lasting results.

    9 Tips for Spraying Varnish on Wood

    Get flawless results with aerosol spray polyurethane cans.

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    Here’s How To Lighten Stained Wood

    Our experts explain how even the dingiest, darkest wood stains can be made lighter and brighter.

    Keter Folding Work Table Review: Tested by a Professional Woodworker

    Looking for an extra set of hands for your next DIY project? The Keter Folding Work Table might be just...

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    How Long Does Wood Stain Take To Dry?

    Stains take time to dry, but usually not as long as manufacturers recommend. Simple visual and tactile tests can tell...

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    Can You Replant a Christmas Tree?

    Replanting a living Christmas tree is possible if you buy the right kind and have a good spot for it...

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    How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw

    Got a stripped Allen screw you can't budge? You've come to the right place. One of these methods should do...

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    How To Build a Herringbone Wine Rack

    What takes two days, three 1x4s and seven bottles of wine? This stylish herringbone-style wine rack!

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    3 Tips for Removing Paint from Trim

    You'll wonder why you never learned these sooner.

    Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year Is Here–And It’s the Bold Color of Your Dreams

    Embrace all-things cozy and bold with the help of Cracked Pepper, Behr's 2024 Color of the Year.

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    How To Make a DIY Wood Serving Board

    You can make this handsome serving board in one weekend! Check out the simple how-to steps and make one for...

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    Tips and Techniques for Stripping Wood Furniture

    Make old furniture look new again in a weekend!

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    6 Landscape Fabrics to Keep Weeds Out of Your Garden

    We've examined the size, durability, permeability and beginner-friendliness of these fabrics to ensure there's a garden solution for everyone.

    3 Simple, Attractive Garden and Lawn Edging Ideas

    Three simple, attractive, low-maintenance garden and landscape edging ideas to inspire and keep weeds out of your garden.

    Here’s How You Can Make This Super Customizable DIY Farmhouse Table

    Who wants to shell out thousands of dollars on a table you can make yourself for a couple hundred?

    This Water Sensor Alarm Prevents Flooded Basements (and It’s on Sale)

    If you're already investing in your basement with air purifiers and dehumidifiers, don't sleep on the Basement Watchdog...

    How To Build a Brick Pizza Oven

    Gather, cut and dispose of excess grass in seconds!

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    How To Build a Brick Pizza Oven

    Is your garage door mysteriously opening? Here are common sources for this problem, along with easy, DIY troubleshooting steps.

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    How to Make Your Own Silverware Drawer Organizer

    Organize your kitchen utensils with this quick and easy project.

    5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers for a Quick, Easy and Even Application

    Need a little help on your next DIY home project? This collection of the best airless paint sprayers has you...

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    How to Build a DIY Workbench with Storage

    With plywood, MDF and these simple plans, you can build an inexpensive yet sturdy workbench that's perfect for your basement...

    Power King Chipper Shredder: A Beast of a Chipper

    The Power King Chipper is called a beast for a reason—it quickly shreds your brush pile in a...

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    How to Build a Modern Water Fountain

    Create a calming and relaxing environment right in your backyard with this modern water curtain.