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Drywall Cutting

Learn how to cut drywall and improve your drywall cutting skills with these tips.

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    How to Build an Under-the-Stairs Storage Unit

    Organized, easy-access storage — and lots of it!

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    How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom

    Turn unused bathroom space into a hidden yet functional cabinet. 

    13 ‘Cutting Edge’ Table Saw Tips

    Straight from top pro woodworkers—ultra-clever tips for getting the most from your table saw.

    How to Hang Drywall: Pro Tips for Cutting and Installing

    A good framing crew makes drywall hangers whistle while they work. Follow these great hanging suggestions, and you can make...

    How to Use a Spiral Saw on Drywall

    Faster, neater cuts around electrical boxes and ceiling fixtures.

    How to Cut Drywall for an Opening

    Cut out drywall holes for electrical outlets with a drywall saw.

    Master the Basics of Drywall: How to Cut Drywall

    Learn about the five simple tools and basic techniques you need to successfully cut drywall.

    The Dos and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

    A bathroom remodel can be a stressful endeavor, whether it's a DIY job or you hire a professional. However, when...

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    How to Cut a Hole in Drywall

    If you have a small drywall job to do, there is no need to buy or rent a rotary tool...

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    How to Cut Drywall

    Cutting drywall is easy and only requires a few tools.

    How to Use a Drywall Circle Cutter

    This slick tool does a great job