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Learn the ins-and-outs of working with all the different kinds of pipes that go into your plumbing.

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    How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

    A fresh new look for your bathroom.

    Parts of Your Home Prone to the Most Winter Weather Damage

    Knowing where your home is most vulnerable and taking precautions can save you thousands of dollars in repairs next spring.

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    Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects and Tips From the ’60s

    Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

    How to Repair a Broken Pipe in Your Home

    A quick and easy, no-soldering fix for your burst pipe.

    1951 Family Handyman Feature: Be Your Own Plumber

    In honor of Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, we're sharing some throwbacks. Check out these DIY plumbing tips.

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    Expert Tips for an Easy Faucet Installation

    We caught up with Joe Barnes, a second-generation master plumber with more than 30 years of experience, to tackle...

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    PEX Supply Pipe: Everything You Need to Know

    PEX piping is the biggest revolution since the flush toilet. Learn what it is and everything in between with this...

    How to Join Dissimilar Pipes

    Avoid leaks and corrosion at pipe transitions

    Plumbing With PEX Tubing

    PEX tubing is an easy-to-install alternative to copper pipe. Long used in radiant heating systems, flexible PEX tubing is perfect...

    ABS pipe vs PVC pipe

    Follow our step-by-step guidelines for choosing either abs pipe or pvc pipe for your plumbing project

    Height-Adjustable Sawhorse

    This sawhorse will help you work with longer boards on every power tool in your shop. It’s made from good...

    Patio PVC Furniture

    Where to find parts and plans for making DIY PVC furniture.

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    The 56 Most Brilliant PVC Hacks You’ve Ever Seen

    What can’t you do with PVC pipe? Here are 56 incredibly smart (and cheap!) ways to use this do-it-all material...

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    Find Out Why Uponor PEX is Awesome

    Uponor PEX is fantastic to work with because of its memory.

    This is the Best Way to Cut PVC Pipe

    Unless you have three hands, you're going to want to check out this tip.

    How to Connect a PVC Pipe to ABS Pipe

    This is the best way to connect these two types of pipes

    PEX, CPVC, Copper… What’s the Difference?

    Matt Risinger shares the positives and negatives of the three plumbing systems; copper, CPVC, and PEX.

    Why Plastic PEX Fittings are Just as Good (If Not Better) Than Metal

    If you’re concerned about using plastic fittings instead of metal for PEX, worry no more. Professional plumbers are buying three...

    Really Longreach Rake

    Extend the reach of a rake with some PVC pipe

    PVC Hack: Handsaw Blade Saver

    Prolong the life of your saw blades with a short section of 1/2-in. PVC pipe.

    10 Clever PVC Hacks

    You know PVC when it comes to plumbing, but what about using it to organize your space and build furniture?...

    PVC Hack: Curvy Sanding Tools

    Cut short pieces of PVC pipe lengthwise to make contour sanders for convex and concave surfaces. (It cuts easily with...

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    PVC Hacks for the Workshop

    Transform scrap pieces of PVC pipe into storage sites for dowels and fasteners, courtesy of “tipfull” reader Al Miller. 

    PVC Socket Shelves

    Here’s a great way to use leftover pieces of PVC pipe. Cut them into various shorter lengths and glue them...

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    Scroll Saw Tips: Store Blades On-Board

    Keep extra saw blades handy in a piece of 1/2-inch PVC pipe with caps on both ends. Mount it on...

    Pegboard Cubbyholes

    A tool storage technique for all those slender tools and shop accessories. Cut short lengths of PVC pipe and slide...

    Pipe Clamp Quivers

    A great way to store pipe clamps is in pieces of 4-in. dia. PVC pipe screwed under your work table....

    Make a PVC Razor Organizer

    Make this simple razor organizer with a small piece of 1-inch PVC pipe. Cut the pipe into lengths that are...

    What is PEX? Plus Tips for Using PEX

    Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask