Learn everything you need to know about Amazon’s smart home platform and their virtual Assistant Alexa.

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    Top 10 Things You Should Not Ask Alexa

    Unless you want creepy laughter, an answer that lasts for eternity or some serious sass, you should steer clear of asking Alexa these questions.

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    9 Things Amazon Echo Can Do That Google Home Can’t

    Amazon Echo has Google Home beat when it comes to these features.

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    Create a Dream Home Theater With Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Prime Day is right around the corner but it's especially exciting when Amazon announces early deals that are available right...

    11 Cool Things Your Alexa is Capable Of

    If you use Alexa as a virtual assistant, you likely already know she can play your favorite song or can...

    Amazon Echo Buying Guide

    The Amazon Echo is a smart home speaker that can play music and automate other smart devices using Amazon's digital...

    Smart Light Bulbs That Work With Amazon Alexa

    Smart light bulbs not only allow you to automate, control and manage your home's lights with the touch of a...

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    How to Set Up Your Amazon Echo

    The first thing you'll want to do for your Amazon Echo setup is grab your smartphone, download the Alexa app...

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    62 Alexa Easter Eggs You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    These Alexa Easter eggs will have you laughing for days.

    14 Alexa Skills Dog Owners Should Download Already

    Alexa doesn’t only help you turn on and off electronics and tell you the weather, she can also help you...

    Common Alexa Smart Home Voice Commands You Need to Know

    So you’ve filled your home with Amazon smart home devices—now what? Learn the most common Alexa smart home voice commands...

    Amazon Echo vs. Dot: Which Is Right for You?

    Amazon's smart speakers do more than just stream music; they can control all of the smart devices in your home....

    Top 12 Must-Have Alexa Accessories

    If you're wondering what home devices work with the Amazon Alexa, here are our top 12 picks. Ranging from smart...

    15 Hilarious Things You Can Ask Your Amazon Alexa to Do

    Test out a few of these funny things to ask Alexa for some laughs. The Amazon Echo isn't just a...

    Is the Amazon Echo Dot the Smart Speaker for YOU?

    All about the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) including amazon echo 3rd gen, echo spot, smart speaker, google home mini,...

    Amazon Alexa vs Google Home: How Do They Compare?

    If you're looking for the specifics that set them apart, then this breakdown will help you decide which system is...

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    They Just Created an Umbrella that Will Blow Your Mind. Yes, an Umbrella

    Unbelievable only scratches the surface when describing ShadeCraft's Blossom patio umbrella.

    How to Change Alexa’s Name: 7 Easy Steps

    Your Alexa device comes with three other possible "names." Here's how you can try one out.

    10 Struggles of Being Named Alexa, Thanks to Amazon

    It's a confusing world out there for humans with the name Alexa.

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    10 Alexa-Enabled Devices On Sale Now For Amazon Prime Day

    All sorts of smart home devices are on sale during Amazon’s two-day event. These are the ones we’re most excited...

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    5 Products We Wish Amazon Would Discount for Prime Day

    Just when we thought Amazon Prime Day might not happen in 2020, it's here! Here are five products we're going...

    This Is the Most-Purchased Electronic on Amazon (Besides Alexa)

    Hint: It's got something to do with streaming.

    15 Unexpected Ways to Use Alexa

    You know her as "Alexa," Amazon's virtual assistant which is built into devices such as the Amazon Echo. But beyond...

    14 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Alexa

    Is it a time-saving hero or did you just plop a cyber spy onto your kitchen counter? Learn the good,...

    Yes, Alexa Can Even Power Your Microwave (You Still Have to Chew, Though)

    Amazon continues its goal toward world domination with its $60 Alexa-powered microwave with a Dash button for popcorn.

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    20 Amazing Alexa Hacks All Homeowners Should Know

    Train Amazon's Alexa to do everything from update you on your home's security system to cheer you up when you're...

    Kohler’s New Smart Bathroom Products Can Connect to Alexa

    Never touch that dirty toilet handle ever again!