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    Tip for Installing Flooring in Tight Spots

    Create a little handle for installing flooring

    Goof Proof Showers (Sponsored)

    For a tiling rookie, the hardest, and arguably the most intimidating, part of a shower tile installation is the prep...

    This Is The Right Time to Replace Your Toilet

    Not sure if it's time to replace the john? These signs will help you decipher if it's time to finally...

    Cool Your Home and Conserve Energy (and Money)

    Ductless mini-split AC systems provide more comfort than a traditional ducted system.

    Seeing ‘Through’ Insulation

    When you need to work in a specific spot in the attic (to mount recessed lighting, for example), drill a...

    Square D Plug-On Neutral Load Center (sponsored)

    I started wiring panels before arch fault protection was required.

    Furnace Filter Reminder

    Whenever I buy a new box of furnace filters, my wife writes the months of the year on the individual...

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    Quick Fix For Running Toilets

    Here’s a nifty way to prevent the lift chain on your flapper from getting caught underneath when the flapper closes.

    Stowable Spray Booth

    Make a reusable spray booth that's easy to store.

    At the End of Your Nylon Rope?

    Here’s another smart way to keep nylon rope from fraying when you cut it. Firmly wrap three turns of duct...

    DIY Dictionary: Trunk Line

    What's a trunk line? The word trunk often conjures up images of big things carrying lots of stuff: Car trunks...

    DIY Dictionary: Sweating a Joint

    'Sweating' and 'soldering' are synonymous terms used to describe the process of using heat and solder to join copper pipe...

    How to Build a Crate End Table

    This simple end table project by Crates & Pallet includes a mix of wood and steel—and it’s so easy to...

    DIY Dictionary: 3-Way Switch

    What is a 3-way switch? A three-way switch is one that allows you to control a ceiling light (or other...

    Kohler’s New Smart Bathroom Products Can Connect to Alexa

    Never touch that dirty toilet handle ever again!

    12 Brilliant Uses for Duct Tape

    While we wouldn't condone all of these, it's still pretty incredible to see the kinds of stuff people use duct...

    Wet/Dry Vac to Drain a Toilet Tank

    See how to drain a toilet tank with a wet/dry vac

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    Note Breaker Number On Outlet Cover

    Use this method so you never forget which breaker controls which outlet.

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    How to Install a Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

    Here, we'll show you how to remove an old light and install a ceiling fan mounting bracket so you can...

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    Breaking Up a Cast Iron Tub: Which Tool is Best?

    Editor-in-chief Gary Wentz wanted to find out what tool works best for breaking up a cast iron bath tub. Watch...

    14 Modern Pendant Lighting Trends That’ll Light Up Your Life

    Modern pendant lighting is all about clean lines, bright materials, and the right scale. Here are 14 epic trends in...