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    Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

    The "outdoors" means a lot of things to a lot of people. These 11 gift ideas are aimed at the three-season camper more than the hardcore mountaineer. But regardless of season, there's sure to be something here for every camper in your life.

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    12 Best Backpacks for Back to School

    We've rounded up the best back to school backpacks in every category. Find out how these backpacks go above and...

    24 Clever Uses for Plastic Bags You Have Lying Around the House

    Not just for toting lunch, these handy items are helpful to have around the kitchen and home.

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    How to Build a Garage Storage Wall

    A customizable clutter-buster that turns your garage into a mudroom.

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    30 Products DIYers Shouldn’t Pass Up at Costco

    In a trip to Costco, you can stock your workshop with necessities like paper towels and trash bags, but you...

    Eco-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags

    While plastic bags are convenient for consumers, the sad truth is they're extremely harmful to the environment and wildlife. Here...

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    How to Clean Reusable Grocery Bags

    Here's how to clean reusable grocery bags, no matter what they're made of.

    10 Ways to Organize and Store Paper Bags

    10 Ways to Organize and Store Paper Bags

    10 Ways to Organize and Store Plastic Bags

    Having a barrage of plastic bags fly out of your cabinet every time you open it can be downright maddening....

    13 Brilliant Ways Other Countries Are Replacing Plastic

    Our world is drowning in plastic. Fortunately, efforts are expanding across the planet to tackle the single-use plastics crisis.

    This is the Easiest Way to Recycle Plastic Bags

    This is the Easiest Way to Recycle Plastic Bags

    Please Stop Putting Reusable Bags on the Kitchen Counter

    Reusable bags bring home more than just your groceries.

    Stuff We Love: Tool Bags (VIDEO)

    This episode of Stuff We Love features three tool totes that pros in every trade will want to check out.

    Stuff We Love: 3 Incredible Tool Bags

    In this episode of Stuff We Love, check out three smart and convenient products for toting your tools.

    Is It Food-Safe to Skip the Plastic Produce Bags at the Supermarket?

    Going plastic-free might be environmentally friendly, but grocery stores have a dirty secret. Luckily, the solution is sustainable—and sanitary.

    How to Paint Leather Furniture

    Transform an old piece of leather furniture into a modern showstopper with easy to use leather paint. We'll show you...

    How to Build a Garden Fountain

    Cast this fountain in a weekend with a few bags of concrete and some hardware odds and ends

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    15 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

    The modern garbage disposal has been a tremendous boon for homeowners and renters worldwide. It provides a quick and sanitary...

    How to Double Your Resealable Bags

    Save some money by easily doubling your resealable bags in seconds.

    Why You Should Store Extra Bags in Your Trash Can

    Taking the garbage out is my least favorite chore because there are so many garbage cans around the house. Check...

    Is It Safe to Wash and Reuse Zip-Top Bags?

    We investigate when (and how) to make your zip-top bags reusable.

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    8 Ways To Clean Up Dog Poop

    Cleaning up dog poop is a chore. Try these pickup and disposal methods to get the job done fast.

    How to Build an Entryway Coat Rack and Storage Bench

    If your entryway is littered with shoes and jackets, purses and book bags, this simple bench and matching shelf might...

    Why You Should Use Plastic Grocery Bags for Washing Windows

    Stop making unnecessary trips up and down a ladder when window washing

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    5 Perfect Pocket Tools for DIYers

    As I was sitting at the dinner table last night, I noticed that my chair was a bit wobbly. Instead...

    How to Reuse Your Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Yes, It’s Possible!)

    In a pinch, a vacuum cleaner bag is actually reusable. The bottom end of the bag is usually folded over...

    11 Things You Must Do Before Leaving for Vacation

    You're headed out of town. Tickets are ready, reservations are made, and bags are packed. But before you go on...

    Super-Secure Garbage Bags

    Utilize the drawstrings in your trash bags in a different way with this simple hint.

    Plastic-Bag Paint Containers

    Plastic bags deliver a painting tip you'll want to try

    How to Reuse an Old Clothes Hamper Outdoors

    Leaf bags have an irritating tendency to close and collapse, making them difficult to fill.