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The Family Handyman editors share everything about the best tools, gear and equipment for DIYers.

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      Vintage Family Handyman Project from 1970: How to Build a Trash Compressor

      To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, we're sharing some projects from past issues, all the way back to our first...

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      9 Things Carpenters ALWAYS Do Working On Their Homes

      Ever wonder what practices, principles, tools and materials pro carpenters can't live without? Discover nine of them so you can...

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      How DIY Projects Are Helping People Through the Pandemic

      The skills DIYers are using and learning during the pandemic come with benefits far greater than that heady feeling following...

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      8 Best Jewelry Cleaners

      Proper storage and care will keep your jewelry looking like new. Try these cleaners for sparkling results.

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      11 Products That Help You Work in the Dark

      Under the sink, in a crawl space, up in the attic or out in the woods, lighted tools and equipment...

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      Vintage Family Handyman Project from 1988: How to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

      Family Handyman has helped DIYers improve their homes since 1951. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, here are some vintage...

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      Stuff We Love: Low-Cost Laser Level

      Laser levels aren't just a "pro" tool anymore. This small, capable and affordable laser will up your DIY game in...

      15 Things You Should Think Twice About Donating

      Donating unwanted items to a local thrift store is a fantastic way to reclaim space in your home, donate to...

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      The Top Power Tools Every DIYer Wants for Christmas

      A DIYer can never have enough power tools. Take a look at what our editors truly want for Christmas.

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      10 Tips to Restore Your Old Tools

      Have some old tools that aren't working like they used to? Use these 10 tips to restore your old tools...

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      Stuff We Love: The Skateplate Saw Guide

      Get table saw capacity for your circular saw with this well-designed accessory.

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      Every Tool You Need to Work Side Jobs as a Carpenter

      Considering a side gig as a carpenter? Make sure you have these essential carpentry tools.

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      Family Handyman’s Vintage True Value Ad from the ’80s

      Family Handyman published its first magazine in 1951. In honor of our 70th anniversary of garden advice and tool recommendations,...

      10 Home Improvement Tools That Will Last a Lifetime

      The cost of tools can quickly add up, so you might as well buy something that will last. These home...

      Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

      The "outdoors" means a lot of things to a lot of people. These 11 gift ideas are aimed at the...

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      How to Winterize a 2-stroke Outboard Motor

      Get your boat motor ready for winter storage.

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      Self-Heating Jackets to Keep You Warm in the Shop and Garden

      Zip them up, switch them on and feel the penetrating warmth enter your body. Self-heating jackets will keep you totally...

      Giving Tuesday: 5 Handy Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

      Giving Tuesday is Dec. 1 this year. Here's how you can give back.

      10 Secret Power Tool Hacks for DIYers

      Do you know all of the secrets to using your drill/driver? Unlock the true potential of your power tools with...

      20 Unusual Uses for Workshop Tools

      Make your workshop tools work double duty with these 20 unusual uses for common DIY tools and materials.

      Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1970: How to Repair Your Power Tools

      Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through step-by-step projects. To celebrate our 70th anniversary,...

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      66 Cool Tool Hacks That are Super Useful for DIYers

      Tool hacks usually happen on the fly, when you’re in a situation that calls for a tool to be modified...