Impact dills, hammer drills, cordless drills, rotary hammers drills and more. Get the right power drill for the job.

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    Deals We Love: Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo

    Some of the biggest names in power tools partnered with The Home Depot for a month of savings.

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    Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects and Tips From the ’60s

    Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

    Deals We Love: Kobalt Tools

    Lowe's house brand, Kobalt, has been a steadfast competitor in hand and power tools since 1998.

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    Stuff We Love: Stuff We Still Love

    We searched through 70 years of tool and product reviews to find our favorite stuff that has stood the test...

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    Impact Drill: What It Is and When Do You Use it?

    Impact drills, better known as impact drivers, are handheld tools designed to drive screws fast. We're here to help you...

    Drill Press: What It Is and When Do You Use it?

    The drill press is a stationary or benchtop power tool designed to bore precise holes in wood or metal. Learn...

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    Top Cordless Drill Drivers for 2020

    A cordless drill is one of the tools you'll grab the most. Use this guide help you find the one...

    Right Angle Drill: What It Is and When Do You Use It?

    A right angle drill isn't a tool you'll see in every kit, so you may be surprised to learn just...

    Drill Hack for Easy Eye Hook Removal

    Check out this tip for easily removing eye hooks...your thumbs will thank you.

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    Find the Best Hole Saw: Milwaukee Big Hawg Hole Cutter Review

    Milwaukee's Big Hawg Hole Cutter can do some big things.

    10 Incredible Drill Hacks You Need to Know

    Innovations like extended-life batteries, variable speeds controls, and keyless chucks have made the humble drill one of the most useful...

    15 Essential Hole Saw Smarts Every DIYer Should Know

    Our best hole saw tips for getting your project done right.

    Why You Should Never Use Chrome-Plated Sockets with an Impact Driver

    Have you ever chucked a chrome-plated socket into an impact gun or cordless impact driver to tighten a nut or drive...

    Why We Love Impact Drivers

    Impact drivers are one of the coolest tool inventions of the last few decades.

    How to Make a Guide-Hole Drill Bit

    When you have to drill through closed-up ceiling or wall cavities to run telephone...

    Cordless Drill Holster

    Make a nifty cordless drill holster by screwing a 45-degree 4-in. PVC elbow ($3) to the side of your workbench.

    Hole-Saw Drum Sander

    Sanding the inside of a hole or curved surface can be difficult. To simplify that task, insert a 1/4 x...

    How to Make a Hole Saw Last Longer

    Stuff your hole saw with a moist rag.

    Pick the Right Bit Fast

    Having trouble selecting the perfect-size drill bit for a particular bolt shaft?

    So-Simple Drill Light

    To see what I’m drilling, I attach a pen light to the top of my drill with rubber bands.

    Quicker Hole Sawing

    Make hole sawing much easier with this genius reader tip.

    Framing Square Drilling Jig

    Want to cut holes in the same spot in a whole pile of workpieces? Read on to learn how to...

    Snap-On Fence for Band Saw and Drill Press

    With a single one-handed bar clamp and a maple board (4 in. wide x 1-3/4 in. thick), you may have

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    How to Drill a Hole in Tile

    Mounting towel bars, shower doors and other bathroom accessories often require drilling holes in tile.

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