Band Saws

Need to do a little rip cutting? Get the right band saw for the job with our recommendations, tips and techniques.

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    Metal, Wood and More: Tools and Tips for All Kinds of Cuts

    These will definitely get you out of a few jams.

    Woodworking: Techniques to Cut Circles With a Band Saw

    Cut clean, smooth circles with your bandsaw

    How to Build a Box With a Band Saw

    Make a simple gift box from a single block of wood

    How to Keep Your Allen Wrench Within Reach

    Stop searching for an Allen wrench to change the saw on your band saw.

    Pre-Saw Before You Re-Saw

    Travis shares a tip for slicing thick boards into thinner boards.

    PVC Hack: Curvy Sanding Tools

    Cut short pieces of PVC pipe lengthwise to make contour sanders for convex and concave surfaces. (It cuts easily with...

    Band Saw Circles

    To quickly and accurately cut a circle for a table-top, large or small, use your band saw. Securely clamp a...

    Pencil Eraser Push Sticks

    Don’t let your fingers stray close to the band saw blade when cutting small pieces of wood! Use the eraser...

    Magnetic Fence for Drill Press or Band Saw

    Pick up a Shop-Mag and use it as a fence for repeated accuracy on your drill press or band saw.

    Magnetic Band Saw Fence

    An 18-in. magnetic tool holder holds firm for accurate cuts and tiny fence-to-blade adjustments are made with the tap of...

    Coil Your Band Saw Blade

    Store band saw blades with convenience by coiling them into three smaller loops. Try this and don’t blame us if...

    Onboard Garbage Bin for Your Band Saw

    Avoid scraps scattered over the floor during a band saw project. Buy a lightweight plastic bin with a lipped rim...

    Universal Outfeed Support

    Need a hand to support jumbo workpieces at the table saw, drill press, band saw, router table or planer? Check...

    Spotlight for Woodworking

    Focus a beam of light on your layout lines when you’re doing work on a band saw or scroll saw....

    Band Saw Dust Port

    Hook the dust collector hose to a reducer mounted on a band saw’s lower cover to collect dust and make...

    Snap-On Fence for Band Saw and Drill Press

    With a single one-handed bar clamp and a maple board (4 in. wide x 1-3/4 in. thick), you may have

    How to Build an Outfeed Table

    Simple, adjustable and inexpensive