Jig Saws

Cut shapes and curves with the top jigsaws on the market and get all the latest tips and techniques.

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    Choosing the Best Jigsaw

    We analyzed the top eight brands of jigsaws. Take a look at what we found.

    Metal, Wood and More: Tools and Tips for All Kinds of Cuts

    These will definitely get you out of a few jams.

    Jigsaws: How to Use and Cut With a Jigsaw

    Use a versatile jigsaw tool to cut lumber, plywood, metal and tile.

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    How to Build a Desktop Catapult

    Build this awesome desktop catapult with leftover wood, a couple of dowels and some rubber bands. Your inner child will...

    How to Build a Whirligig

    Folk art whirligigs fashioned from scraps of wood and metal have been popular for hundreds of years. In fact, George...

    6 Woodworking Projects You Can Make with Just a Jigsaw

    A jigsaw is one of the most useful tools in your shop. It can take any curve you throw at...

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    Saturday Morning Workshop: Portable Laptop Computer Stand

    Make this ingenious, compact laptop stand in an hour with only a jigsaw, a drill, sandpaper and $10 in materials.

    Tear Out-Saving Tape

    Greatly reduce tear out from a jigsaw cut by simply using tape.

    Simple Jigsaw Guide

    Jig saw guides don't have to be complicated

    Improve Your Jigsaw Cuts

    Attempting to cut a dark wood? No Problem! You can improve your jigsaw cuts by using painters tape as a...

    How to Build a Garden Arbor

    Make a sturdy place to relax or a dramatic garden entrance in a weekend with this amazing garden arbor.

    Backward Jigsaw

    An opening for an electrical outlet in the cabinet back directly below a breakfast bar was close to the counter...

    Structural Screws vs. Lag Screws

    Are these new, wimpy-looking structural screws really as good as the old-fashioned, meatier lag screws?

    How to Build a Pine Garden Hutch

    Keep all your gardening tools close at hand in this solid pine cabinet

    Build a Victorian Screen House

    Escape the bugs in style, whether you're entertaining friends or just hanging out

    How to Make a Stool With a Jigsaw

    Glue-and-screw furniture can look awesome! Make a matching side table and foot stool using a jigsaw.

    Jigsaw Tips and Essentials

    Tips for smoother, cleaner, more accurate cuts with your jigsaw.