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Table Saws

For the best wood cutting and ripping, get the table saw that fits your workspace and DIY project needs.

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    How to Make a Simple DIY Jewelry Box

    Need a DIY idea for Valentine's Day? We've got you covered.

    Our 9 Best DIY Christmas Gifts

    Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like a homemade gift. Show your friends, families and fur babies you care with one...

    How to Lay Mosaic Tiles

    A handy guide to laying and setting mosaic tile from one of our most trusted tile experts. Plus, a quick...

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    Easy-Clamp Sacrificial Fence

    One of the most necessary table saw accessories!

    Workshop Trick with Playing Cards

    The ultimate adjustable spacers.

    DIY Table Saw Table

    Build this take-down table saw table to make the perfect work station for a DIYer with limited garage space.

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    How to Make a Box Joint Jig

    Take your woodworking to the next level with this simple jig. All you need are some miter gauges, plywood and...

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    How to Cut a Rabbet Joint with a Table Saw

    What are rabbets and how can you use a dado blade on a table saw to create them?

    Table Saw Fence Blade Height Guide

    Use a marker to draw a scale directly onto your table saw fence. Then you'll be able to quickly change...

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    How to Set a Table Saw Ripping Scale

    In the video and description below, Travis shows you how to set a table saw ripping scale so you don't...

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    How to Cut Thin Material on a Table Saw

    Travis shows you how to cut thin material on a table saw with a simple jig. Check out the video...

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    How to Cut Narrow Strips on a Table Saw

    Do you need to cut several narrow strips of the same size? It's easy to do on a table saw,...

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    How to Cut Panels on a Table Saw

    Two miter gauges makes cutting panels on a table saw a cinch. Travis explains how in the video and description...

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    How to Wax Your Table Saw Top

    Keep your table saw shipshape with a good cleaning and a coat of paste wax. Travis explains how to do...

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    Never Use Just the Table Saw Fence to Crosscut Boards!

    Why is it unsafe to only use the fence as a guide for making crosscuts on a table saw? Check...

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    How to Crosscut Boards on a Table Saw

    Check out the video and description below to learn the best way to make crosscuts on your table saw.

    No-Slide Miter Fence

    Reader Ed Dies has a smart idea: Press strips of stair tread safety tape on your table saw’s miter gauge...

    How to Use Paste Wax to Lubricate a Table Saw

    Using paste wax is the best way to lubricate the top of your table saw, which will help wood pieces...

    On-the-Mark Crosscuts

    You can mark a line on the infeed side of your table saw’s carbide blade and use it as a...

    The Key to Accurate Table Saw and Router Cuts

    Buy an assortment of machine keys—the metal rectangular blocks used to lock pulleys and gears on drive shafts—and use them...

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    Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

    Our team of experts reviews seven portable table saws that are ideal for DIY home use. We'll help you choose...

    How to Build a Portable Table Saw Table

    Boost your productivity and accuracy

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    Make an Outrigger Stop Block

    Make repeated table saw cuts accurately and quickly with an adjustable stop block

    How to Build the Three-Penny Crosscut Sled

    Make perfectly square cuts with this simple table saw jig

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    How to Use a Table Saw: Ripping Boards Safely

    Learn the right way to make rip cuts

    How to Build an Outfeed Table

    Simple, adjustable and inexpensive

    Table Saw Tips and Tricks

    Make cleaner, safer and straighter cuts with easy-to-make accessories and jigs for your table saw.

    How to Use a Table Saw: Cross Cutting

    An accurate miter gauge and fence and basic wood jigs are the key to perfect table saw cuts.

    Crosscuts With a Table Saw Sled

    This gadget makes even wide crosscuts safe and simple

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    Table Saw Tips and Techniques

    Do more with your table saw