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    10 Rain Jacket Deals for Braving Spring Showers

    April showers bring May flowers—be ready for the downpour with these rain jacket sale finds.

    How to Use Dryer Sheets to Clean Toilets in No Time Flat

    Here's a TikTok cleaning hack everyone needs to know.

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    Do Electric Cars Need Oil Changes?

    If the engine is battery-operated, do electric cars need oil changes? Great question! Here's what you need to know.

    Replace Spark Plug Wires in 5 Easy Steps

    Worn spark plug wires and boots can start to leak voltage to nearby engine parts, causing...

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    How To Make Disinfectant Wipes

    Sick of buying disposable disinfectant wipes? Make your own and reduce plastic waste with this easy DIY project.

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    12 Home Office Lighting Ideas

    Create a work environment that's beautiful and functional, too, with inspiration taken from these lighting ideas.

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    Here’s the Easiest Way to Hang Christmas Lights on Bricks

    Hanging lights on brick surfaces doesn't have to be difficult. Here's how to do it without damaging anything.

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    Christmas Decor From Nature: How to Make DIY Porch Pots

    Create DIY Christmas decor from nature with winter container plants that will look beautiful well into the new year.

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    Should You Try To Grow Mistletoe?

    If you've bought a sprig of mistletoe at Christmastime, did the gardener in you wonder if you could grow your...

    8 Tips for How To Decorate a Hallway

    Dark, narrow, complicated, awkward. It can be hard to know how to decorate a hallway, but they're a great place...

    20 Inexpensive Accents to Bring Your Dinner Party Ideas to Life

    Tis the season for holiday dinner parties. Here are 20 affordable dinner-party accents that work for the current...

    Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles

    Lower prices and improved technology are making electric vehicles increasingly popular. If you're considering buying an EV, here's what you...

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    The Essential Ice Removal Kit for Your Car

    Winter brings freezing temps and ice-covered windshields. These essential ice removal tools will get you on the road faster. Don't...

    8 Advent Calendars That Double As Holiday Decor

    Count down each day until Christmas with a fun advent calendar. These festive options are pretty enough to double as...

    Everything You Need to Create and Stock a Basement Bar

    Create the ultimate hangout spot right at home.

    How To Remove Black Ice from Driveways and Sidewalks

    What is black ice? A layer of nearly invisible ice that makes sidewalks and driveways extremely dangerous. Here's how to...

    The 6 Best Artificial Christmas Trees on Sale Right Now

    Score one of our favorite artificial Christmas trees while it's marked down—here are the best artificial Christmas tree sales happening...

    10 Best Ways To Protect Your Home

    Sometimes the best ways to protect your home are the easiest. Learn how without investing a lot of time or...

    How Long Do Pumpkins Last?

    Fall is here, and everyone's asking, "How long do pumpkins last?" Here's everything you need to know about pumpkin picking,...

    The 9 Best Smart Christmas Lights of 2022

    Use your phone to control these smart Christmas lights and take your holiday display to the next level!

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    8 Bugs You Actually Want Around Your Home

    If you see a bug in the house, your first instinct might be to squish it. Before you do anything...

    How To Make a Flaming Pumpkin

    It's true. You can create your own flaming jack-o'-lantern this Halloween.

    The Best Firewood Racks of 2022

    Outdoor firewood racks keeps wood off the ground, neatly stacked and ready for the next firepit or fireplace gathering.

    This Popular Picture Hanging Kit Is a Must-Have for Beginner DIYers

    Never hang a crooked picture again. This easy picture-hanging tool turns even the most novice DIYers into art-displaying pros!

    Is Your House in a Flood Zone?

    Do you know if your house or the one you're going to buy is in a flood zone? Here's what...

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    12 Dangerous Pool Mistakes

    Nothing says summer like a day spent splashing in the pool— but the average swimming pool can be more dangerous...

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    15 Things to Look for When Buying Land

    Owning a piece of land and getting away from it all sounds great, but you have some homework to do...

    This $10 “Carbage” Can Is the Key to Keeping Your Car Clean

    This Amazon car trash can cleans up the competition. A mess-free ride is only $10 away.

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    Stay Shady with This Family Handyman Approved Sun Shirt

    Have some fun in the sun wearing this Family Handyman Approved work shirt with built-in UV protection.

    SJ Test3 The Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals on Tools and Home

    The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is here! We found the deepest discounts on Dremel, Greenworks and Coleman. You have...