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    This Popular Picture Hanging Kit Is a Must-Have for Beginner DIYers

    Never hang a crooked picture again. This easy picture-hanging tool turns even the most novice DIYers into art-displaying pros!

    Is Your House in a Flood Zone?

    Do you know if your house or the one you're going to buy is in a flood zone? Here's what...

    12 Dangerous Pool Mistakes

    Nothing says summer like a day spent splashing in the pool— but the average swimming pool can be more dangerous...

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    15 Things to Look for When Buying Land

    Owning a piece of land and getting away from it all sounds great, but you have some homework to do...

    This $10 “Carbage” Can Is the Key to Keeping Your Car Clean

    This Amazon car trash can cleans up the competition. A mess-free ride is only $10 away.

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    Stay Shady with This Family Handyman Approved Sun Shirt

    Have some fun in the sun wearing this Family Handyman Approved work shirt with built-in UV protection.

    SJ Test3 The Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals on Tools and Home

    Amazon Prime Day deals are finally here! We found the deepest discounts on DeWalt, Greenworks and Coleman. You have 48...

    The Lixada Blocklight Is a Small Flashlight with Lots of Power

    Let there be light with you everywhere you go with these super-compact and affordable Family Handyman approved flashlights.

    How To Replace Traditional Gaskets with Chemical Gaskets

    If you can't locate a ready-made pre-cut gasket, chemical gasket makers can easily get you out of a bind.

    Try This Hack for Building an Inexpensive Glass Panel Door

    Make a glass panel door yourself without breaking the bank.

    How to Add a Covered Entryway to Your Home

    Take your home's basic facade to the next level. Add a roof over the entryway.

    8 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners

    Cleaning vinyl siding isn't a fun task, but these vinyl siding cleaners make the job as painless as possible.

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    What To Know About Uneven Tire Wear

    Driving on unevenly worn tires is dangerous! Learn about the common (and preventable) causes.

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    What Are Leafhoppers and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

    The leafhopper. Never has an insect been so copiously prevalent yet rudely ignored by lawn enthusiasts. Here's why they require...

    How to Build a DIY Radiator Cover

    Give your old-fashioned radiators some style. It's really not that hard, even if you're new to DIY. We'll show you...

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    What To Know Before Remodeling or Rebuilding Your Home

    From new construction to renovations, here are the most common building permissions, restrictions, covenants and laws you should know about.

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    What Homeowners Need To Know About Skunks

    It's not all that hard to coexist with skunks. Here's how to keep them from moving in, and how to...

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    8 Best Truck Tool Boxes

    A truck tool box keeps your equipment safe and dry whether you're driving to the hardware store or spending all...

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    5 Best Smart Smoke Detectors

    Even if you're not too into smart-home tech, consider one of these smart smoke detectors for safety. Here's how to...

    Spring Maintenance Must-Do’s

    Homeownership is an exciting and rewarding journey—one that lays the foundation for what’s ahead. Your property is an investment that...

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    5 Terms Real Estate Agents Don’t Use Anymore

    After decades of sticking to the status quo, real estate agents are turning to bias-free language in property descriptions.

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    Received an Unexpected Package? It Could Be a Brushing Scam

    Finding an unfamiliar package on your doorstep could have a dangerous downside.

    If You See a Small Sink in a Hallway, This Is What It’s For

    It makes perfect sense — it's a helpful mop sink!

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    Family Handyman Approved: DeWalt Job Site Table Saw

    DeWalt has long been associated with great jobsite tools. This saw is no different.

    What Is an Urban Firestorm?

    Wildfires crossing into urban settings can take homeowners by surprise. Here's how to know if you're at risk, and how...

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    How To Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe Around Animal Predators

    Whether your home is near cougars, coyotes, bears, bobcats or wolves, here are some preventative measures to peacefully co-exist.

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    Family Handyman Approved: Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower

    Clearing the driveway is a chore, but it’s one you'll actually look forward to with...