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Go greener with these green living tips and tricks for how to make your house more environmentally friendly.

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    What to Know About HSPF Ratings

    Buying a new heat pump but don't know HSPF means? Discover what HSPF is, why it's important and how it affects your energy bill.

    10 Inexpensive Upgrades for a More Sustainable Home

    Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. In today's world, it's a lifestyle. Sustainable homes reduce their impact on the...

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    10 Women Inventors Who Changed Home Life Forever

    From the circular saw to Scotchgard, inventions by women revolutionized our homes. In honor of Women's History Month, we spotlight...

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    We Tried Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Paint Color of the Year

    Aegean Teal caught the attention of our team here at Family Handyman. Here's why we love it.

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    Why Is My Plant Leaning Over?

    How can you tell if your leggy plant needs more light? Look to see if it is stretching toward the...

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    The 5 Worst Things to Throw in the Recycling Bin

    Don't make the mistake of throwing these items in your home recycling bin.

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    WORX Launches New Line of Electric Pressure Washers

    WORX appears to have entered the pressure washing market at exactly the right time.

    11 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle or Upcycle

    You're already recycling paper, bottles and cans, but there's so much more that you can keep out of landfills.

    This Is What Happens When You Put the Wrong Thing in the Recycling Bin

    Aspirational recyclers may be costing the environment and the economy.

    Are PV Panels Are Right For Your Roof?

    Photovoltaic solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient, but they're still not for everyone. These questions will help you...

    30 Fantastic Tiny Homes Built With Recycled Materials

    The DIY tiny house movement is all about reducing consumption. Check out some tiny homes that took it a step...