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Great ideas and tips on ways to save money around your home.

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    32 Cheapskate Handy Hints For the Outdoors

    Save those milk jugs, soda cans, pool noodles and other things around your house you thought were useless...

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    Risks of Skipping a Home Inspection

    Thinking of skipping a home inspection? You may have a better chance of sealing the deal, but there are significant...

    10 Savvy Hacks for Your Shoes

    These seriously clever shoe hacks will have you jumping for joy!

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    7 Repairs Your Home Emergency Fund Should Cover

    You can't control when your home will need a costly fix, but you can control whether you have enough cash...

    Don’t Do These 35 Things If You Want to Sell Your House

    No one wants to make costly mistakes when selling a home. Check out these "don'ts" when it comes to putting...

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    How To Find a Mechanic You Can Trust

    Experienced, trustworthy automotive technicians are out there! You just need to know where to find them.

    How Zillow Is Changing The Housing Market

    Is Zillow becoming a one-stop shop in the housing market? That appears to be its goal.

    Surprising Items You Can Get for Free on Facebook Marketplace

    If you search for free stuff on Facebook Marketplace, you'll find a treasure trove that's absolutely worth checking out.

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    If You DIY, You Need These 10 Items in Amazon’s Secret Section

    Have you discovered Amazon's Bargain Finds section yet? It's filled with products and materials to help get the job done,...

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    What You Need To Know About Internet Data Throttling

    Internet providers are bringing back data caps at a time when more people than ever are using their home internet....

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    Here’s Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell These 13 Things

    Amazon has changed the way we shop, but you still can't buy quite everything on the site. Here are some...

    12 Things Ace Hardware Employees Won’t Tell You

    Ace Hardware delivers quality materials in convenient locations. But savvy shoppers know there are always tricks to get a little...

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    65 Incredible Uses for Things You Normally Toss

    Cut down on your trash with these ways to reuse and salvage household items.

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    Costco vs. Sam’s Club: Which Is More Expensive?

    These bulk warehouse stores might look similar when you walk into them, but when you break it down to the...

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    When Is the Best Time To Buy a Car?

    It’s probably not the most convenient, but it will get you the best deal.

    30 Products Under $30 That Will Make Living in Your Home So Much Better

    You never knew you needed these products, but they're about to make life at home incredibly efficient.

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    Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1987: Landline Phone Installation

    The first issue of Family Handyman was published in 1951, so this year marks our 70th anniversary. To celebrate we're...

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    7 Ways Snow and Ice Can Damage Your Home

    Here are seven common winter headaches faced by homeowners in snowy climates, as well as expert opinions on how to...

    DIY Holiday Gift-Wrapping Tips

    Spread some holiday cheer with these DIY gift wrap ideas – ribbon you can make in your shop, ingenious wrapping...

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    Stop Believing These Winter Maintenance Myths

    Don't believe everything you hear or read. Understanding these 7 maintenance misconceptions will help you be better prepared for winter...

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    33 Brilliant Ways to Save Money Around Your Home

    You don’t have to cut corners to cut costs. These simple projects and maintenance tasks will help you achieve the...

    11 Genius Ways to Save on Every Household Bill

    Water bills, energy bills, cell phone bills — oh my! Here’s how to cut costs on each and every one.

    9 Things You’re Buying at Target That Are Cheaper on Amazon

    We love Target, but sometimes Amazon has more budget-friendly options that win us over.

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    6 Household Bills You Didn’t Know You Could Negotiate

    Follow these tips and you could save hundreds of dollars on your everyday expenses each year.

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    10 Things That Are Cheaper in the Fall

    Shop with the seasons to save money! You can snag these 10 items for much cheaper if you wait until...

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    Think Twice Before You Buy These 19 Things Online

    Add to cart, hit send and wait for it to arrive. Online shopping is a time saver, but sometimes you...

    9 Things You Should Never Buy at the Dollar Store

    While the dollar store may be a great place to buy things like wrapping paper and greeting cards, not everything...

    32 Things You Should Never Buy at a Garage Sale

    Garage sales are great, but you should definitely steer clear of these items.

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    Amazon vs. Walmart: What to Know Before Shopping Online

    Can't decide whether to shop at Amazon or Walmart? We compare membership services, grocery delivery and their prices to help...

    35 Money-Saving Handy Hints Using Everyday Items

    Everyone enjoys saving money, especially when it comes to improving your home. So check out these amazingly cheap, handy hints...